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We are a motivated team working to bring fresh air to people suffering of pain, fear and anxiety in Hospitals

Our mission is to enhance patients experience during medical procedures


Cries, screams, complains, pain and stress – the reality in Hospitals is often not a pleasant one.  Imagine that you could give a calm relaxing moment to that patient in distress by sending him to explore the ocean marvels or to interact with a friendly cartoon. 

At VRPharma we witness daily how technology can transform traumatic moments into entertaining ones.  We see kids that had to be held by 4 nurses for a periodical blood exam make an extraction with a smile on the face, can you imagine if that was your kid?  We see nurses under heavy stress take a break at a beach after a stressful shift.  This is what we are passioned about. 

Our Team

Mireia Cigarrán

Mireia Cigarrán

Founder & CEO

Mireia is a Chemical and Industrial Engineer (Institut Químic de Sarrià) and a devoted mother of two amazing  girls with whom she enjoys spending time imagining fantastic worlds. She loves travelling, and enjoys trying new cuisines and healthy recipes.

Allan Chung

Allan Chung


Allan is an Industrial Engineer with a critical and logical mind.  He has over 15 years experience in management on various technology and software companies. He enjoys most travelling with his family, playing volleyball, and learning random things.

Dr. Maite Garolera

Dr. Maite Garolera

Cliincal Advisor

Maite brings to the team deep knowledge about innovation on the medical field. She is currently Director of the Clinical Research Group Brain, Cognition and Behavior (CST). She enjoys going to the theater and spending time with her friends

Dr. Mª Pilar Villalobos

Dr. Mª Pilar Villalobos

Medical Assessor

Dr. Villalobos is a devoted pediatric doctor and is currently Head of Pediatrics of Hospital de Figueres.  In her free time she enjoys painting, arts, books and exploring new places in the world.

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