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The first complete virtual reality solution to improve the emotional state of the person in moments of high vulnerability.

We reduce patients’ pain, distress and anxiety before, during and after medical treatments.


Improving mental and emotional health

Reduce pain perception

Empowerment, control and improvement of experience towards medical procedures

Reduction of anxiety, stress and fear

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Enough traumatic experiences. No tears, with smiles. Children empowered during medical treatments. Reduction of distress, anxiety and pain.

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Mental and emotional health. Connect with your inner self. Reduction of distress, anxiety and pain.

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Medical Centers

Complete solution to improve the well-being and experience of your adult and pediatric patients

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Beauty & Spa

Differentiate your offering with innovation.
Soul, body and mind. It offers an innovative and effective multisensory holistic treatment.

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A clinically validated solution


Our experience with VRPharma has been and continues to be excellent. Thanks to VRPharma's motivation to help patients and teamwork, we can provide people with the best medical care.

Laura González Gardó
Nursing Innovation Coordinator,
Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus

With the help of VRPharma we are carrying out a study on the usefulness of virtual reality for the management of pain and anxiety in pediatric procedures in the field of primary care in several centers in the Central Catalonia region, specifically during vaccination. So far the experience and the results are very positive, not only from the health staff, but also from the parents and the children.

Dra Mercedes de la Cruz,
CAP de Súria

The truth is, the product is great. It never occurred to me that there might be something to not put kids through the damn vaccines. The moment he enters the new reality, the child forgets about the injection, even though he was already prepared knowing what would happen.

Rosa, mother of Guillem (6 years old)

Martí had to undergo many tests from birth, so it was very distressing for him every time. He strongly resisted, so they always ended up performing the extraction lying on a stretcher, so that several nurses could hold him, while another did the puncture. When we had the opportunity to use the VRPharma in the last extraction, the experience was totally different. He was not afraid, because he was more attentive to the device and being transported in a film, than to the procedure. He was totally focused on the virtual reality he was living in, oblivious to the rest, so the extraction was easy the first time. Then he told us that he had liked it a lot and that he had done him only a "bit" of harm. It was quite a success! Hopefully it will become a regular practice to ease patient stress!

Estel, mother of Martí (5 years old)

Person · Quality · Innovation

VRPharma was born from the desire to create an effective tool that allows providing more humane and comprehensive care for young and old in hospitals in difficult times.

It all started through traumatic experiences lived in hospitals by our founder Mireia, where she suffered with her daughters and then with their parents, what it means to be hospitalized with children (and to experience traumatic moments such as the insertion of ) or not being able to see the grandmother in the ICU, and the little emotional and mental support that families and patients receive.

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