Virtual Reality Solutions to enhance Patient’s Experiences

in Hospitals and clinics before, during and after ambulatory procedures and interventions. 

Differentiate your Hospital


Give your staff a friendly-user tool to improve your patients care before, during or after medical procedures and differentiate your Hospital. 

VRPharma brings Virtual Reality closer to patients allowing them an innovative and fun way to escape from scary and painful experiences in Healthcare.

We work with the highest quality content and last technologies to give the best immersive experience for each patient.

¿Why Virtual Reality? 

The use of Virtual Reality (VR) for healthcare has been thoroughly studied with over 500 clinical trials that constantly demonstrate the effectiveness of VR in this environment:


Reduction in pain perception during VR Session has been shown on specific treatments and studies


Reduction of anxiety levels in patients before and during procedures


Reduction of opioids


Increase of enjoyment and mood rates from patients during specific medical procedures

VR in Healthcare Research

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A Pilot Study of the Impact of Repeated Sessions of Virtual Reality on Chronic Neuropathic Pain (The International Journal of Virtual Reality, 2018; University of Tennessee Knoxville and Pain Consultants of East Tennessee)

Randomized, crossover study of immersive virtual reality to decrease opioid use during painful wound care procedure in adults (Journal of Burn Care & Research, 2018)

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Virtual Reality as an Adjunctive Non-pharmacologic Analgesic for Acute Burn Pain During Medical Procedures (Department of Health and Human Services, USA, 2015)

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A rapid evidence assessment of immersive virtual reality as an adjunct therapy in acute pain management in clinical practice (University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver General Hospital, 2014)


¿Why VRPharma? 

VRPharma is Designed for Healthcare Organizations

Patient Centered

. Medical Professional controls the system

. Zero Learning Curve for the Patient

. Experience followed-up at real time by the Professional

Hygienic Solution

. All wipeable 

. No cables, no controllers, no headphone and no phone 

. We provide all consumables needed

Qualiy & Innovation

. Content designed for Hospital usage

. Last hardware technologies



. Maintenance Plans

. No internet needed

. Friendly user

. No learning curve 

Everything you need to provide VR in an easy and cost effective way

The complete VR System


The VRPharma VR Kit is portable, wireless, wipeable and doesn’t require internet.

  • Standalone headset avoiding the use of a phone and headphones
  • Each Kit includes a tablet that seamlessly connects to the VR Headset allowing for easy selection  and control of VR content 
  • We provide all hygienic disposables
  • Charging via USB plugs, no batteries

Our growing library


Our content is designed and carefully selected for Hospital use lessening possibilities of dizziness and sensation of falling, taking into account all patients needs. 

We work closely with Healthcare Institutions and Medical Professionals to understand the needs and craft specific solutions in the shape of VR therapies.

  • Immersive environments. Visit remote locations, and relax in tranquil settings in authentic virtual environments.

  • Animated Games and 360º videos. Designed with specific purposes and for specific medical procedures.  

  • Real-World 360º Footage. Feel all scenes in a more authentic way. 

Our contents are for all ages groups and target to fulfill our mission of Patient Experience Enhancement. 

Start using Virtual Reality Therapies in your Hospital

  • Differentiate yourself

  • Control the therapy in real-time

  • Increase Patient’s Experience and Care Quality 

  • Get all support needed from our team


We are giving a 15-day free trials and on-site demos