Research and collaboration

Interested on the research the impact of Virtual Reality in Healthcare?

We welcome hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, universities, associations and partners to collaborate in new Virtual Reality solutions for specific medical procedures. Our areas of research are focused on:

Pain Management

It has been proven that VR can reduce pain perception thanks to its immersive power. Now we are looking for partners to evaluate and study the full impact that VR can have in pain management of patients

Reduction of Opioids

We are looking for partners, both pharmaceuticals and medical institutions; to make a clinical trial to study sedation reduction during certain medical procedures thanks to the usage of adequate Virtual Reality contents.

Anxiety & Stress Reduction

There are hundreds of studies proving VR power to reduce anxiety and stress levels of people through mindfulness therapies or relaxation content. We are now undergoing a few studies in this direction and are looking to broaden the application for both pediatric and adult patients.

Emotional Wellness

VR improves emotional status by transporting the mind into a tranquil alternative place. We are looking for partners and collaborators to study the impact of VR in patients wellbeing during certain medical procedures and difficult moments.

Unfold for Global VR related studies
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