Research with Virtual Reality (VR)

Our goal is to improve patients’ experience in medical centers such as hospitals, clinics and primary care, as well as to facilitate the work of all healthcare staff through virtual reality solutions. Therefore, one of the key priorities of our organization is to bet on a safe and effective humanization tool, and to continue researching the impact of virtual reality in areas such as: pain management, reduction of opioid consumption, reduction of anxiety and improvement of emotional well-being.

Pain treatment

It has been shown that virtual reality can reduce the perception of pain through its immersive power. We are conducting different clinical trials to continue providing valuable data in this field. We are also looking for partners to further evaluate and study the impact that VR can have on the treatment of pain in different fields.

VRPharma, realidad virtual ehealth en hospitales

Enhancing mental health

Mental health is a fundamental pillar in patient’s recovery. There are hundreds of studies that prove the power of virtual reality to reduce people’s anxiety, stress and distress levels through mindfulness or relaxation inmersive contents. Currently, some of our studies follow this direction, in order to reduce anxiety before, during and after medical treatments.

Realidad Virtual pediatría

Opiod reduction 

Virtual reality can help us reduce recovery times and the intake of certain medications. We are looking for collaborations, both pharmaceutical and medical institutions; to conduct a clinical trial aimed at studying the reduction of sedation during certain medical procedures, the use of drugs such as tranquilizers and the impact on the recovery of patients through the use of appropriate Virtual Reality content.

Reducción del dolor en niños realidad virtual

Emotional wellbeing

Virtual reality improves the emotional state by transporting the mind to an alternative calm place. We are conducting several studies and pilots to study the impact of virtual reality on the well-being of patients during certain medical procedures and difficult moments.

Clinical studies we are conducting


Improving children’s experience during vaccination

A través de una colaboración con el IDIAP y el Instituto Catalán de la Salud, junto a la tecnología de VRPharma, estamos realizando un estudios sobre el uso de la realidad virtual en la reducción del dolor y ansiedad en niños entre 3 y 6 años.

VRPharma, realidad virtual ehealth en hospitales

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety reduction in healthcare workers during the pandemic.

During the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic (2021), through a collaboration with the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, using the VRPharma application and its original content Ocean Breeze, the effect of the use of Virtual Reality to reduce the level of anxiety and stress of a total of 26 professionals during the working day in medical emergencies was evaluated. In this case, subjective stress was reduced by more than 3 points out of 10 (STAI-E scale).

Tratamiento médico realidad virtual VRPharma

Opioid and pain reduction

Pain reduction during treatment with capsaicin

Neuropathic pain has a great impact on physical and psychological quality of life. Together with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, we are evaluating the degree of improvement in the tolerance of topical treatment with 8% capsaicin with the content of the VRelax library, specifically Ocean Breeze and Crystal Serenity. The main objectives of the study are to assess the impact of VR on pain during the treatment and to evaluate the reduction of rescue medication during capsaicin patch administration.

Realidad Virtual en la cirugía oral maxilofacial


Reducing anxiety during oral surgery

Oral cavity care is very much associated with fear of danger, being dental anxiety the fifth most common cause of anxiety. Moreover, oral surgeons themselves suffer from heightened discomfort when treating anxious patients. Together with Insitututo Maxilofacial, we are running a Clinical Trial to evaluate the contribution of relaxing immersive experience with VR in reducing pre- and intraoperative patients’ anxiety and pain related to oral surgery procedures under local anesthesia

Hospital Bellvitge Barcelona VRPharma realidad virtual para el paciente


Bellvitge Hospital uses virtual reality to reduce pain and anxiety during invasive processes in the ICU.

Hospital Bellvitge is using our Virtual Reality solution to study its impact for pain and anxiety management in the critically ill patients during chest drain removal. This invasive process is painful, often requiring the use of painkillers. With the VRPharma kit and virtual reality pills, the Hospital together with Mrs Laia Gascón and Mrs Gemma Via, ICU nurses and heads of the study, seek to improve patients overall experience while reducing pain and anxiety levels.

Collaborating Institutions

Hospital Universitario Bellvitge realidad virtual VRpharma
Instituto Maxilofacial Barcelona VRPharma
Hospital Quiron salud Sabadell

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