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VRPharma - Realidad virtual medicina

VRPharma Kit

The entire system comes in a convenient, hygienic case for hospital usage.  Includes:

  • VR glasses
  • Controller tablet
  • Hygienic consumables
  • Chargers
  • Manuals


  One Kit – Infinite Usage

Everything you need to provide VR in an easy and cost effective way   


Patient Centered

Our system is tailored for patients needs:

– Comfortable

– Zero learning curve

– No isolation from family or staff

– Family members can follow the experience real-time through an external tablet



 We take hygiene seriously:

– All wipeable

– Single-used fabric mask

– Wipeable PU foam interfaces

– We provide all consumables needed

– No headphones needed



We make it easy for the medical staff:

– Fast and easy to use

– Intuitive APP format

– VR Experience controlled by tablet

– Portable and isolated

– No need of controllers, phones or computers



Our content is tailored for patients needs:

– Content designed for different patients age groups and needs

– Immersive environments

– Animated games and videos

– Real-World 360º Footage


Scalable and Sustainable

We want to reach as any patients as possible, for all departments

– One purchase, long term usage

– Maintenance plans

– Technical support

– Unlimited sessions per set


Top quality

We use the latest technologies:

– Site-less: use it everywhere

– Top class standalone VR glasses

– No cables, no phones

– No need of VR controller

– No internet required


Specialized VR Experiences

The VRPharma Content Library has been designed to address the challenges in hospitals and specific procedures.  It has been made to optimize the patient’s experience without discomfort. 


We Make it Easy to Connect with Patients

Our system uses a connected tablet to control the patient’s experience.  This allows for fast application as it does not require users to learn how to use VR gear.  

Let´s improve patients’ experience!



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