Imagine the future of Healthcare

VRPharma started in 2018 in the outskirts of the Barcelona’s neighbor city, Sant Cugat del Vallès. From then, we have grown from a simple idea on a paper, to a full implemented product and proven concept.


Patient Centered Hospital

There are many ways to enhance your patients experience in the Hospital rooms, more than we can imagine. They might be more or less efficient, costly, scalable or durable and we are sure you have tried different ways to reduce your patient’s stress. In VRPharma we have developed a system that will bring you and your team a scalable and user-friendly tool to help your patients cope better with their treatments, tress levels and pain. We want to help you achieve your Patient-Centered-Hospital with innovation and new technologies.

Let’s take for instance the pediatric department. We all have kids or know somebody who has children and we have seen their own kids crying for easy procedures such as vaccines and phlebotomies, or more important ones such as surgeries. The stress it brings to the kid, nurses, doctors and families is enormous. In 3 simple clicks your pediatric patient will be in a Virtual Reality world aimed to not only distract her/him from the medical procedure but also to connect with the pain in a different way. Our mission is to enhance patients experience by the means of the enormous potential of Virtual Reality while redefining pain sensation. Our 3D worlds are inviting, fun, engaging and look to have a better patient outcome.


20 seconds, 3 clicks

We understand that time of consultancy and procedures is key for you and your Hospital. This is why our system is extremely simple to use. Within a minute your patient will be in the chosen VR experience.  Also, we are committed to ease its use and transport around the Hospital: You will be able to use our kit in every room in your Hospital without needing to worry about internet connection, cables, hygiene, etc, as we provide a system tailored for Hospitals.


We want to hear from you

We aim to connect with the emotions of patients in different ways. This is why we like collaborating closely with Hospitals to create our own specific interactive content. Our content and system follow the key concepts of Child-Life program in Pediatrics, and we are extending it for adults as well. We want to minimize the psychological trauma of hospitalization and medical procedures. Therefore the option of an opened and close interaction Doctor-Patient while being the VR Therapy is a must for us.

We want to hear about your ideas, needs, and experience to grow our library and usages. 

Meet our team

For all these purposes our team is key. Passion for our concept and mission is what defines the team; compromise, creativity and trust are core values.


Mireia Cigarrán Mensa

Founder & CEO

Allan Chung

Chief Technology Officer

Dra. Mª Pilar Villalobos Arévalo

Expert in Hospitals and Medical Procedures

Dra Alicia Cabacas García

Advisor in Pediatrics

David García Broto